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Bohemian Rhapsody

Tekst: Roy Grutters
Muziek: Roy Grutters

A friend of mine turned 24 today
In two years' time she'll finish school, and who knows how she may
End up, will she be working all day from 9 to 5
Will she be bored to death, or perhaps be someone's wife
Or won't she choose to sing that same old song
Will she stay forever young

Life doesn't end at thirty, but that's what I always thought
But many people showed me that the years can be fought
I won't fit in, I'll keep on living fast
Because I know that youth can always last, last

A friend of mine turned 31 today
A house, a steady job and still having it his own way
He looks and acts as youthful as his little son
Perhaps a little balder, but still having as much fun
As 15 years ago and never sad
Maybe getting old is not so bad

A friend of mine turned 41 today
Still wearing cowboy boots and artificially not grey
A wife, a boy, a girl and playing rock 'n' roll
Enjoying life and music but no signs of getting old
There's seems to be life beyond 21
Twice as old could be just twice the fun

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