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Punk rock girl (never take acid from a stranger)

Tekst: Roy Grutters
Muziek: Roy Grutters

I met her in june at a Stickleback show
I tried to talk to her, but she said: youíd better go
When I tried to kiss her, she told me to fuck off
From that moment on I was deeply in love

She was my punk rock girl

We started to date and we went to see some bands
She was as punk as punk can be, dreadlocks and baggy pants
She could sing Bro Hymn backwards even before it was a hype
Even though she smoked pot all day she really was my type

She hated long-haired hippies, had a dog-chain on her purse
She didnít know the difference between a chorus and a verse
She had Pippi Langkous-stockings, she had piercings everywhere
And on every dancefloor we were skanking as a pair

We had some real good sex but things just didnít work out right
We stayed together for a year until on one bad night
Bad acid made her drive her skate under a bus
She died horribly, and there was no more us

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