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A thousand ways to break up with you

Tekst: Rob
Muziek: Roy en Rob


You are not the one for me thatís one thing I can say
When I want to break up with you, or does it sound too gay
Thatís another thing to use, to say that I like men
But I have to be careful not to make it look realistic then

I could say that I donít like the way you comb your hair
Or that you keep buying clothes for me that I donít wear
That you donít care about the things that I find interesting
And you only like music thatís is really not my thing

I could just be honest and say that I donít like you
But Iím too busy of thinking of a thousand ways to break up with you

Maybe Iím suspicious that youíre dating someone else
And Iím about to torture your best friend until she tells
Or I could truly tell you that I wasnít all that true
In all those four long weeks that I was in love with you


Your sexual perversity makes you crazy in your head
I donít like to be peed on when weíre lying in our bed
I think I have enough reasons to break things up with you
And I donít give a fuck if theyíre not really true


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