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The Curse

Tekst: Roy Grutters
Muziek: Roy Grutters

Looking out over the sea, I hear the howling of the wind
On starboard side descends the burning wreck
The one whose hidden treasures we were chasing for a month
But now they safely lie beneath our deck
For seven cutthroat years I've roamed the seven deadly seas
My quest is to regain the one I lost
And to send the ones that took her to the bottom of the sea
I'll make 'em rot in hell, at any cost

Will I ever find you again
On this ocean so wide, on an island somewhere?
Or will I be always lost at sea
This curse haunting me, a black flag in the air

They came in '59, in the dead of night they struck
In the peaceful harbour town that was my home
Pillaging and killing, sparing no one from their rage
Satan's hordes they burned down everything I owned
I woke up in the ashes, desperation struck my heart
The buccaneers had taken her from me
I left the land I loved, the life I lived to look out for my love
My only chance: a life of crime upon the sea
So I set out to the harbour of a vice town in the north
And I signed on to this vessel of regret
We plundered every town, from Barbados to Cathay
But no sign of my beloved damsel yet

By setting sail to seek you, I have cursed my destiny
I stole and maimed and killed to get to you
To reach my higher purpose I became what I despised
Whichever way I go, I will be doomed
My life will be a short one, but I must find you before I die
'Cause hell will surely be my share
And you'll end up in heaven, but it'll be a hell to you
You'll search forever, but you will never find me there

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