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All I wanna do

Tekst: Paul Joosten
Muziek: Roy Grutters

Early morning or afternoon
I wake the throbbing of my head
Confused I look around the room
And thank the lord it's my own bed
There are some bottles on the floor
Which is mine, I do not know
So I let them flow down my throat
All the beer is far from cold

All I wanna do, is drink beer all day
And all I wanna do, is drink beer all night
I wanna drink, beer every day
Until I'm fully satisfied

I stink of beer and smoke and beer
I shed a tear for all that waste
I lick my shirt it's drenched in beer
A lot of dirt and that wondrous taste
Oi, you feckin' cunt watch it
Are your eyes still have asleep?
You knocked over my beer, ya shit
Asshole, wanker, mokey, dweep!

Cans or bottles, or from a tap
It's all the same to me
As long there's beer to be drunk
And states of drunkeness to be
There's really no difference in taste
After you drink two or three
Heineken, tastes like Warsteiner
All the beer is the same to me

The world is at peace
'Cause every sound is too loud
Everyone lies quitly
In the great hung-over crowd

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