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Who would've thought

Tekst: Roy Grutters
Muziek: Roy Grutters

Couplet 1
Where red buses and black taxis soil the left side of the street
And seven million try to have their say
Where the wealthy greet the poorest like they mean it
And where wars as well as songs were born on countless rainy days
I knew we had it coming all someway

Who wouldíve thought that I would end up here with you someday
In this city where the lights never go out
Who wouldíve thought six months ago
That even though things would go slow
Someday weíd walk along the Thames and we would know
Itís gonna be allright
Itís gonna be allright
Itís gonna be allright
Itís gonna be allright

Couplet 2
Was it a gamble, I donít know
But if all gambling ends in singing Lullaby of London on Trafalgar Square
Then Iíd bet on you once more cause nothing beats that night in Brixton
When we finally saw the Pogues performing there
Let them all say we were mad, cause I donít care


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