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Get a life

Tekst: Rob Janssen
Muziek: Roy Grutters

Couplet 1
Iím sitting home alone, with nothing left to do
When you feel like all your friends turned their backs on you
Donít sit down and start crying and be all sad
And do something you always wanted so you wonít feel bad

Get a life, go outside
And do something you like
Get a life, go outside
And try to be alive

Couplet 2
You can sit on the couch just to watch TV
Maybe youíll like it, but itís really nothing for me
Iím a person who goes out every night and every day
And thatís why to all dull people I have to say

But I wasnít always like that
I used to be bored all the time
But then I got up and just did something
That totally changed my life

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