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Tekst: Rob Janssen
Muziek: Roy Grutters

Couplet 1
I don't wanna end up old and alone
And I don't want to be waiting all the time by the phone
Waiting for someone to call me
Someone who would talk to me
Seeing people around me die
Think I'd probably cry
But I'm not gonna live like that
No I would rather be dead

Refrein 2x
Live fast, die young that's the way it's gonna be
Live fast, die young that's the life for me

Couplet 2
Now as I still can I live life the fast way
And I don't want nobody around me to say
The way you're doing is bad
You'll certainly end up dead
But everyone dies in the end
I want to live my life like it's meant
And I'm not gonna live like that
And I'm not afraid to end up dead

Refrein 2x

Doing what I want to do
No one telling me to quit
Not listening to you
Ignoring all the fucking shit

Refrein 2x

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